We are a team of researchers at Northwestern University and faculty fellows with the Institute for Policy Research. Our expertise is in child / family well-being and inequality.

Our hope is that this website can be a resource for civic leaders, policy makers, other researchers, media representatives, and the general public.  We want to encourage a longer view, sparking a national discussion about long-term policy development and also inspiring other researchers to investigate the downstream consequences of the current pandemic.

Beth Redbird is assistant professor at Northwestern University.  The thread connecting her research is the simple proposition that human interaction improves well-being.  Interacting frequently, particularly with a diverse collection of others, makes us more tolerant, improves information flow, improves mental and physical health, and increases labor market participation.  Her work examines how often we come in contact with one another, and how those contacts change and define us.

Christine Percheski is an Associate Professor at Northwestern University. Her research examines variations in families and how family characteristics pattern employment and access to income, wealth, and health care. Her most recent research highlights the tremendous level of wealth inequality that exists among U.S. children.

Simone Ispa-Landa is an Associate Professor at Northwestern University. Her research sits at the intersection of the sociology of education, the sociology of race and gender, and punishment and stigma. Her work advances theoretical models about how race, gender, and inequality are linked within educational settings and criminal justice contexts.  

Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University,Evanston, IL