If you are faculty or social science researcher, we invite you to contribute to this effort by contributing a submission.  These should be short (500-800 word) ‘big picture’ statements, emphasizing the long-term consequences of COVID-19 on people under the age of 25.  

Our hope is that this website can be a resource for civic leaders, policy makers, other researchers, media representatives, and the general public.  We want to encourage a longer view, inspiring other researchers to investigate the downstream consequences of the current pandemic, but also sparking a national discussion about long-term policy development.

To be clear, we are not asking you to summarize your current research.  Rather, we are asking you to help analyze this new and evolving problem, starting by telling us how past research in your general area informs what we might expect in the years and decades to come. Examples of topics include: 

  • Consequences of COVID-related child hunger for long-term physical health; 
  • Consequences of COVID-related parental unemployment or job loss for children’s life-time wages and employment; 
  • Long-term consequences of COVID-related isolation for cognitive and verbal development; and, 
  • Consequences of COVID-related parental stress on child development and resilience.  

These are only suggestions.  In part, the goal of this project is to highlight and explore the vast array of possible long-term impacts.  We are open to a wide array of topics across disciplines.  


Contributions should be short (500-800 words), and written in a clear, accessible, jargon-free format.  In general, submissions should: 

  1. Begin with a thesis statement about the problem presented by COVID for youth; 
  2. Discuss what past research tells us about likely long-term consequences; 
  3. Provide hyperlinks to publicly available resources, if appropriate (but please avoid citations); 
  4. Relate past research to the current pandemic; and, 
  5. If appropriate, suggest possible mitigation strategies (encouraged, but not required).  

Contributions should be accompanied by: 

  1. Name, title, and institutional affiliation; 
  2. Current CV; 
  3. 1-2 sentence jargon-free bio, aimed at policy makers and media; and, 
  4. Contact information (please indicate whether your contact information can be made public, and whether policy makers or media may contact you).

Please post contributions here.

Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University,Evanston, IL